Modern Taxonomy programme

DEST announces theoretical courses for students, technicians and early career researchers involved in the field of taxonomy. The programme is open to participants from both inside and outside of Europe.

Primary objective of this programme is to provide future professionals with fundamental expert knowledge in taxonomy. The training curriculum targets topics such as: codes of nomenclature, identification tools and methods, describing and illustrating species, collection conservation; phylogeny and evolutionary biology.

We invite you to take a look at our current and past courses;

Modalities of the programme  Courses within the Modern Taxonomy programme are offered at several institutions. In this way the courses will give the best quality that partners can offer from their available staff, experience and equipment. The typical duration of training courses will be one to two weeks. Any necessary travel visas and medical insurance are the personal responsibility of the participant.

Eligibility  DEST training courses are open to students and early career researchers of any nationality.

Registration  Calls for registrations are launched periodically on the DEST website. If you would like to participate in one of the courses, please fill out the online registration form. The registration deadline and link to the registration form can be found in the corresponding course description, unless specified otherwise.Registration forms that are either incomplete or late will not be accepted.

Selection procedure  The applications will be evaluated by the DEST Selection Committee. The main selection criteria used to assess applicants will be their scientific merit, their motivation and usefulness of the training for his/her career.

Notification  Applicants will be notified upon receipt of their registration by e-mail. After evaluation, applicants will be notified whether they have been accepted or not shortly after the course registration deadline.

Certificate  Trainees who have completed the training will receive, after their training period, a certificate specifying the dates of the training period, specification of the training and the institution where they received the training.

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