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Funding to attend DEST courses:

PhD students within the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative might receive support from the STI to attend DEST-courses. For details about the procedure, please contact STI.

PhD students supported by the Israel Taxonomy initiative might receive support from the ITI to attend DEST-courses. For details about the procedure, please contact ITI.

PhD students from the Research School in Biosystematics – ForBio might receive support from ForBio to attend DEST-courses. For details about the procedure, please contact ForBio.

Funding for taxonomy and biodiversity:

Convention on Biological Diversity Catalogue of funding sources for biodiversity activities

Funding sources for taxonomy and biodiversity

Search for funding and jobs on Science Careers

Financial Resources for taxonomic research compiled by the Belgian National Focal Point to the Global Taxonomy Initiative

Funding opportunities and trainings for students and researchers from developing countries:

List compiled by the Congo Biodiversity Initiative

Scholarships for Development, a listing of international scholarships for people from developing countries

Travel grants:

Temminck and Martin Fellowships from the Naturalis fellowship programme
Fellowships for visiting researchers to NCB Naturalis (Leiden, Netherlands).
Applications can be submitted throughout the year, with deadlines on 31 March and 30 September.

Ernst Mayr Travel Grants in Animal Systematics from the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University (U.S.A.)
The principal objective is to stimulate taxonomic work on neglected taxa by supporting research visits to museums’ collections. Preference is given to studies that use the MCZ's collections, although applications to work at other museums are also considered.
Application deadlines on 1 April and 15 October.

Essig Museum of Entomology Visiting Taxonomist Grant
Travel grant for taxonomic experts to the Essig Museum of Entomology (University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.).
Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but at least three months before the planned visit.

Funding for researcher visits to SYNTHESYS institutions
SYNTHESYS Project funding provides scientists based in European Member, Associate and Candidate States to undertake short visits to utilise the infrastructure (comprising the collections, staff expertise and analytical facilities) at one of the 16 partner institutions of SYNTHESYS for the purposes of their research.
Call is closed now.

2014 GTI call for proposals regarding ‘taxonomic training and access to collections in Belgium’
The Belgian Focal Point to the Global Taxonomy Initiative will be funding short-term visits in Belgium for students, young researchers or trained taxonomists in order to help building scientific and technical expertise on biodiversity in the South.
Call is closed now.

JERICO offers Transnational Access to a number of unique European Coastal Observatories and Calibration Facilities for international research and technology development
Call is closed now.

The EU-funded INTERACT project has a Transnational Access program that offers access to boreal zone research stations in the northernmost Europe and Russian Federation.
Call is closed now.

9th call of ASSEMBLE, the Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories
Apply for access to 9 marine stations in Europe, Israel and Chile (during December 2013 - August 2014).
Call is closed now.

Bascom, Gentry and Graham fellowships from the Missouri Botanical Garden
Several fellowships for visiting researchers to the Missouri Botanical Garden (U.S.A.). Applications are open to botanists from Latin America (Bascom and Gentry fellowships), and Latin America, Madagascar, Vietnam and Tanzania (Graham fellowship).
Call is closed now.

Mini-ARTS Grants (Advancing Revisionary Taxonomy and Systematics) from the Society of Systematic Biologists.
Awards to allow SSB members (students, post-docs, and faculty) to spend a summer or semester apprenticed to an expert in a particular taxonomic group or to enhance revisionary taxonomic and systematics research in novel ways.
Call is closed now.

EuroMarine Mobility Fellowships Programme 2012
Ten fellowships to support stays of 1-3 months at one of the EuroMarine institutes. PhDs, post-docs and senior scientists from these institutes are eligible to apply. Priority areas include genomics, bioinformatics, systems biology, functional biodiversity, trait modeling, conservation, ecosystem function, biogeochemistry, climate modeling, data integration, meta-analyses, ecosystem services, marine science journalism.
Call is closed now.

Zoologica Scripta Travel Fellowships
Travel fellowship for PhD students and PostDocs to visit a university department or natural history museum in Norway or Sweden. The research project may target any area of zoological taxonomy, systematics, and phylogeny.
Call is closed now.

Geddes Visiting Collection Fellowship
The Geddes Visiting Collection Fellowship offers researchers up to $8,000 to visit and work as collaborators in research projects with Australian Museum Scientists.
Call is closed now.

Fellowships and awards:

Torrey Botanical Society Undergraduate and Graduate Student Grants and Awards
Four annual grant competitions for (under)graduate students in botany (who are members of the Society) to support graduate student research, undergraduate and graduate student training, and symposia.
Application deadline is 31 December of the year preceding the course.

The Crustacean Society Graduate Student Fellowship Program
Several fellowships of 1500 USD to support the graduate student's research program on crustaceans, funding limited to: supplies, travel for research, participation in off-campus research experience or training, or a specialized course of study to advance the awardee's knowledge and skills.
Application deadline is 15 February, annually.

Francesca Gherardi Prize 2015 for outstanding research in the field of Crustacean Behaviour and/or Invasion Biology
The prize of 5,000 Euro is awarded annually by the Department of Biology, University of Florence, Italy. It recognizes and commemorates the fine example that Prof. Francesca Gherardi’s own life set for young scientists.
Application deadline is 30 November 2014.

The Edward B. and Phyllis E. Reed Endowment for Copepod Research
This fellowship supports endeavours that clarify systematics, taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of freshwater copepods of North America, and, in particular, seeks to strengthen career development of a graduate student, postdoctoral trainee or young professional.
Application deadline is 15 December 2014.

Systematics Research Fund – 2014/15 call for applications
The SRF is a joint fund of the Linnean Society of London and the Systematics Association. It provides grants for small-scale research projects in the field of systematics, and typically supports fieldwork expenditure, the purchase of scientific equipment or expertise, specimen preparation, and publication costs.
Application deadline is 16 January 2015.

International Foundation for Science Collaborative Research Grants 2014
For early-career scientists in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda, with a focus on research into biodiversity.
Call is closed now.

2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize
GBIF invites nominations for the 2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize, awarded annually to a person or team who demonstrates excellence in combining biodiversity informatics and biosystematics research.
Call is closed now.

2014 Young Researchers Award
GBIF invites proposals from graduate students for the 2014 Young Researchers Award. This prize intends to foster innovative research and discovery in biodiversity informatics.
Call is closed now.

John J. & Anna H. Gallagher Fellowship
A fellowship for the Study of the Rarer Microscopic, Multicellular Invertebrate Animals, with Priority for the Study of Rotifera.
Call is closed now.

Joan Mosenthal DeWind Award for research into Lepidoptera conservation
The Xerces Society is now accepting applications from students who are engaged in research leading to a university degree related to Lepidoptera conservation and who intend to continue to work in this field.
Call is closed now.

15th R.J.H. Hintelmann Scientific Award for Zoological Systematics
The association "Freunde der Zoologischen Staatssammlung München e.V." awards a young post-graduate scientist with the 15th R.J.H. Hintelmann Scientific Award (5000 Euro) for outstanding achievements in zoological systematics, phylogenetics, faunistics or zoogeography.
Call is closed now.

Society of Systematic Biology Graduate Student Research Award
Award to assist students in the initiation (first two years) of their systematics projects and in the collection of preliminary data to pursue additional sources of support or to enhance dissertation research (e.g., by visiting additional field collection sites or museums). Applicants may be from any country, but must be members of SSB, or join the Society as soon as possible.
Call is closed now. 

Funding from the Systematics Research Fund
Typical activities supported include contributions to fieldwork expenditure, the purchase of scientific equipment or expertise, specimen preparation, and contributions to publication costs.
Call is closed now.

Encyclopedia of Life Rubenstein Fellows Program
Funding to translate biodiversity research, databases, and media into rich, online resources through the Encyclopedia of Life.
Call is closed now.

The Bernhard Rensch Prize awarded by the Society of Biological Systematics (GfBS, Germany)
Annual award to a young scientist who has demonstrated exceptional work in any area of biological systematics.
Call is closed now.

International Society of Hymenopterists Endowment Student Award
Award to support and encourage predoctoral students working on the systematics, ecology, physiology or some other aspect of the insect order Hymenoptera. Funds can be used for attendance at a conference, fieldwork, direct research costs or purchase of a piece of equipment. Only full-time predoctoral students are eligible to apply.
Call is closed now.

General foundations:

List of European foundations and corporate funders from the European Foundation Centre

Top 100 U.S. Grantmaking Foundations, listed by the Foundation Center

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