DEST participants

What past participants say about the DEST training!

“The course really exceeded my expectations. I really got a whole week of one-on-one training – amazing!”
“I made lots of new contacts and I am already looking at the possibility of collaboration and even doing a post-doc”
“It is most deeply appreciated, the hospitalities that I received from the hosts are outstanding. It is not just the facilitation of the learning aspect, but the whole cultural experience.”
“Very unique opportunity to study morphology and taxonomy for two weeks with almost no other distractions.”
“I cannot think of any way to make this course better.  I wish I could have stayed longer and continued my studies because I was learning so much every day.”
“I would strongly recommend getting this kind of training to any researcher who is considering a career in Taxonomy.”
…. and of course there were some negative comments… but very very few…

Since its first training course, organized during summer 2008, the DEST has provided training to over 600 students. Within the framework of the EDIT project (March 2006 - March 2011), the DEST has organized training sessions in 30 European institutions for a total of 185 students from all over the world (116 of which EDIT-granted). During the academic year 2011-2012, DEST provided training to 100 students through 16 courses, while 130 students participated in 19 training courses during 2012-2013. In the academic year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 respectively 73 and 57 students (directly registered through DEST) participated in our trainings. Although 127 students registered for the 2015-2016 programme, only 73 students attended. Apparently financial support and administrative issues prevent some trainees to attend the courses. Our training courses are attended by students from all over the world.

Countries of participants' institutions during academic year 2013-2014 (data of 73 students directly registered through DEST).

Countries of participants’ institutions during academic year 2012-2013 (data available on 75 participants)

Countries of participants’ institutions during academic year 2011-2012

Countries of participants’ institutions during 2008-2011 (during the EDIT-project)

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